Is High Cholesterol Really a Worry?

Cholesterol is an essential molecule, and without it, human life would be impossible. In fact, cholesterol is so deeply necessary that it can be synthesized by almost every cell in your body.

So why do physicians around the world prescribe billions of dollars’ worth of medicines to inhibit the creation of cholesterol in our bodies? 

According to Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra (a nutritionist and a cardiologist, respectively), the risks of cholesterol as a factor for heart disease have been wildly overstated. Having high levels of cholesterol does not necessarily indicate an increased risk of heart attack. And the medicines that lower cholesterol can be risky, especially for the elderly, women, and children.

More than half of people hospitalized for cardiovascular disease have totally normal cholesterol. Read up on how to stay healthy with our Instaread on The Great Cholesterol Myth

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