Value People Over Profit

A business’s success is driven by two main currencies: resources and employee goodwill. With economies reeling from the effects of COVID-19, reduced resources are a challenge for many companies right now. But the good news is that high-quality leadership and a clearly defined mission tend to boost goodwill—which motivational speaker Simon Sinek believes is the most important currency a business has.

Leaders often prioritize resources over their employees, to everyone’s detriment. They ask questions about how to optimize employee performance when they should be focused on how to better support people in their roles. When leaders work hard to create a caring culture and a positive, secure working environment, employees will naturally feel compelled to perform to the best of their abilities.

Real commitment and investment in the work cannot be bought; it can only be inspired. How can your company demonstrate to employees that their work is valued and meaningful? Look for more ideas in our Instaread on The Infinite Game.

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