What Did the President Know?

It’s difficult for reporters to get clear information on President Trump’s thoughts because he avoids hard questions.

But Bob Woodward had something that most journalists don’t get: access. Over 17 surprisingly frank interviews with the president, Woodward gained deep insight into the way Trump’s mind works.

When Woodward’s book Rage came out last month, the world was astonished to learn that Trump had known about the severity of coronavirus even as he was downplaying the crisis to the American public.

In early March, when Dr. Anthony Fauci started expressing serious concern about the coronavirus, Trump told reporters that it would just go away. But by March 13, Trump had declared a national emergency. He closed down the country despite grave concerns about how a shutdown would affect the economy. Trump’s actions saved lives, but it was just a temporary fix—and he has been dishonest about the severity of the pandemic many times.

Using Trump’s own words, plus interviews with many of the president’s closest confidants, Woodward paints a portrait of a leader who has not been forthright. Review the evidence and decide for yourself with our Instaread on Rage.

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