Are Colleges Just Social Justice Camps?

US college campuses are in a disastrous state, according to outspoken conservative commentator Candace Owens.

In Blackout, Owens’s diatribe against the Democratic Party, Black Lives Matter, feminism, and other political movements, she also finds time to criticize the state of higher education.

We live in a hyper-racialized culture that undermines meaningful racial harmony, Owens says. Those who insist that every offense or slight that takes place is due to racial injustice contribute to this combustible situation.

There is an endless stream of faux outrage, and now many colleges mindlessly cater to students’ sensitivities. People who call themselves “social justice warriors” are not really interested in helping black people, or anyone else. They’re just interested in making themselves feel good.

What else does Owens have to say about racism and government in the United States? Get the scoop in our latest release, Blackout.

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