Every Sale Is the Same

With economies around the world shaken by the effects of COVID-19, making a sale is more challenging than ever. What distinguishes stellar salesmanship from mere survival in any competitive field is the realization that every sale is fundamentally the same. Unsuccessful and middling salespeople tend to approach each sales situation differently, itemizing and weighing the apparent differences between audiences and products, adjusting the tone and approach of their pitches accordingly. This is a waste of time. Obviously, people and products are different. But the core elements of a successful sale are the same every time: confidence and trust.

Crafting a persuasive sales pitch that conveys confidence and builds trust is about more than mere words. Tone of voice and body language are modes of non-verbal communication—yes, even on Zoom—that prospective customers will observe and understand instinctively, on both the conscious and unconscious level of the interaction. Learning effective body and voice modulation techniques is crucial for developing charisma, which is a key character trait for inspiring trust and confidence. Without the ability to inspire confidence in others, a salesperson is doomed to mere average performance.

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