You Need this to Succeed

2020 has driven home the lesson that life is full of circumstances that are beyond our control. But we can always control the attitude we take towards our circumstances.

IYou Can Win, self-help author Shiv Khera argues that attitude is an important element of finding success. Your mindset is a powerful tool that shapes how you see the world. If you see things in a positive light, you’ll feel empowered to achieve. And if you have a negative outlook. . .well, you’re much more likely to fail.

The process of cultivating a positive outlook begins with accepting that your attitude is a decision that unfolds every day. A bad attitude is a choice; it’s not a permanent condition. Everyone feels a little off some days. But you can choose to adopt a positive attitude at any time.

Start with small steps: begin the day with an inspirational activity, like listening to music, meditating, or reading something uplifting. Looking for more ideas? Try our Instaread on You Can Win.

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