How to Get What You Want

Strategy. Power. Human nature. Self-help author Robert Greene has written about them all.

In The Art of Seduction, Greene takes a deep dive into the intricacies of social power. According to Greene, natural charisma isn’t everything. In fact, charisma exists on a spectrum, which means that it’s a quality that can be cultivated.

To amplify your natural charisma, you must become the most compelling version of yourself. Perhaps surprisingly, some researchers connect charisma with good habits like getting enough sleep. In studies, well-rested people are often judged as more charismatic than their tired counterparts.

Tweaks to body language and speaking habits, including posture, eye contact, and voice modulation, are other variables that are likely under your control. In conversation, pause to reflect before you start speaking. When it’s the other person’s turn to talk, listen conspicuously. Your full and attentive presence are guaranteed to boost your charm quotient.

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