Stop Obsessing Over Your Mistakes

Have you found yourself staring at your own image during a Zoom call, worried about how silly or tired you look?

Self-consciousness is part of human nature, but most of the time it doesn’t serve us well. Giving a presentation can make us hyper-aware of every mistake or near-mistake, for example. Letting yourself feel embarrassed about a flub for a moment or two is fine, but how can you prevent a downward spiral into self-consciousness?

It may be helpful to recall that people are generally too busy dealing with their own situations to worry about your mishaps (or anyone else’s), particularly the minor ones. Put another way: most people are too busy staring at their own image on Zoom to spend too much time looking at yours.

Our Instaread on Fail Until You Don’t, by radio personality Bobby Bones, is packed with advice for how to get over yourself—and succeed.

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