How to Make a Good Impression

Most of us don’t remember every detail of our daily activities. It’s the defining moments, whether they’re terrible or great, that make experiences memorable and give our lives shape and meaning. When defining moments are positive, they can deepen our relationships with individuals, organizations, and customers.

Defining moments make or break the customer experience. In business, you want to make sure that people remember the right details about your products or services. Most service-related experiences are forgettable, but a few will stand out as especially positive or negative. In the era of viral posts on social media, the stakes of customer service successes and failures are higher than ever before.

Savvy businesspeople must seek out opportunities to create special customer experiences. By understanding the architecture of defining moments, it’s possible to engineer them instead of leaving them to pure chance. Creating a defining moment, or even spotting the opportunity to create one, requires special effort. But it’s sure to yield better customer relationships, which builds loyalty and leads to excellent word-of-mouth referrals.

Ready to engineer a standout customer service experience? Get started with our Instaread on The Power of Moments.

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