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Until recently, many medical outcomes were considered a matter of fate. But when doctors realized that the way in which most genes are expressed depends more on individual lifestyle choices than inheritance, the game changed for good. Now researchers know that the genes we’re born with are usually less important than what we choose to do with them.

In SUPER GENES, alternative medicine guru Deepak Chopra discusses how everyday decisions that may seem unimportant in the moment collectively impact your health and quality of life.

Think about the choices you face every weekend. Binging on Netflix or going to yoga. Ordering pizza or making a big salad. Staying up late or catching up on sleep. Over time, unhealthy choices compound, potentially causing genetic changes that lead to health problems like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

As the weekend winds down, remember that the choices you make aren’t just setting you up for the workweek ahead—they’re also setting you up for life. Learn more in our Instaread on SUPER GENES.

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