Weekend Wisdom: T-Minus 5

What’s more difficult, breaking a bad habit or trying something new? Even successful people sometimes find themselves stuck in a rut. All too often, we spend too much time wallowing in fears and worrying about changes, and too little time acting actually working on our goals. 

Instead of agonizing over decisions or procrastinating, try the 5 Second Rule: Count backwards from five and take action.

“Five, four, three, two, one.” According to author Mel Robbins, this is the only pep talk you need. As a decision-making tool, the 5 Second Rule is clarifying. Counting backwards will focus your attention, sweep worry from your mind, and provide a quick boost of confidence for whatever step comes next.

Learn more about this powerful method in the Instaread we’re reading this weekend, THE 5 SECOND RULE.

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