Choosing Ease Over Excellence

Customer service is hard to get right. When customers have a terrific experience, they might mention it to a few friends. But research shows that negative experiences tend to stand out more in people’s minds—and those unhappy campers have tools like Yelp and Twitter to amplify their grievances.

Authors Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, and Rick DeLisi offer a simple solution: Don’t worry about excellence in customer service. Instead, formulate solutions that are effortless. Effortless customer service isn’t flashy. It just works.

Weekend Wisdom: May 26 — Most customers don’t want to speak to an agent, whether it’s in person or over the phone. Your business can have the best-trained customer service team in the world, but by the time a customer contacts them, you’re already at high risk for losing their business. Invest in self-service tools that empower the customer, such as web tools that let customers initiate returns themselves. Anticipate any hiccups they might encounter and take steps to prevent them.Make it easy for your customers to choose your business every time. Learn more about how to build best-in-class customer service solutions with our Instaread on THE EFFORTLESS EXPERIENCE.

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