Style Your Business Like a Startup

These days, everyone’s an entrepreneur

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, startups were still all the rage: eye-popping IPOs drew attention to the ways that startups used dense talent pools and perk-laden headquarters to attract top talent and generate big wins for venture capitalists and early employees. But now that the economic outlook has soured, VC is slowing and some tech companies are relocating their workforces. The glory days of the recent startup boom might be over for now, but startup business culture still holds lessons for how businesses can get the most out of their employees and cash flow. Startup entrepreneurs have to be scrappy and resourceful—and increasingly, so does the average employee.

The goal of any startup is to grow into a larger, more stable business. To get there, startups often adopt a can-do attitude, a special brand of enthusiasm that propels the company forward.

Here’s a secret: anyone in business can recreate the same spirit. You don’t have to run your own business to think like an entrepreneur.

So how can you harness the magic without actually starting a new company? One idea is to think of every employee or colleague as a potential entrepreneur. Often, employees with high potential are working at their own level to develop innovative projects. Look for people who seem to have a lot of passion and vision for the future of their work. Such employees are likely to develop and drive product and service innovations if you give them the latitude and support they need to thrive.

With a little push, you can effect change within the business, regardless of its age, size, or industry—without the trouble and expense of launching something new. Look for more tips on how to disrupt from within with our Instaread on The Startup Way.

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