How to Formulate a Battle Plan

Military strategy isn’t just for wars. It’s also a useful set of tools that can help us face life’s more mundane challenges, like meeting an ambitious sales quota. To win any battle, you’ll need more than positive affirmations and good instincts, according to self-help guru Robert Greene. The key to success is methodical planning.

In THE 33 STRATEGIES OF WAR, Greene recommends a two-pronged approach to tackling any goal: one plan to cover day-to-day action, and a complementary plan that considers grand strategy. Often, people become so consumed by what’s happening “on the ground” that they lose the distance that’s necessary to make wise decisions. It’s crucial to maintain an aerial perspective. Will a decision that’s helpful in the short term have negative consequences later? Deep consideration should inform your actions as much or more than whatever’s happening in the moment.

For more tips for achieving good outcomes in work and life, consult our Instaread on THE 33 STRATEGIES OF WAR.

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