Why Fear is so Useful

Fear is like a wild horse; if you learn how to control it, you can use its power to your benefit.

In order to tame your fear, first you need to reframe your attitude. Try to be pleasant, welcoming, trustful, and even affectionate toward it, like you would treat an old friend. This isn’t just a touchy-feely exercise. Fear is truly useful because it warns you of danger. Yet so often we perceive fear itself as the threat.

Learning to control your fear in this way it isn’t easy. But it can be massively rewarding. Fear can give you much-needed energy to channel into whatever you’re doing. In fact, this difficult emotion has so many practical uses, if you can look past its ugly exterior.

You can develop the mindfulness and awareness that you need through a simple cycle of trial and experience. To learn how, check out our Instaread on The Confidence Gap

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