Why It’s Hard to Get Started

Is it possible to become too invested in your work?

Obviously, entrepreneurs need to be passionate. But it’s equally important to avoid fixating on perfection, which can delay the start date of a new product or service. The goal should always be to make the first sale as quickly as possible.

First-time entrepreneurs sometimes suffer from inertia, letting their fear of failure delay the launch of a business. Understandably, entrepreneurs worry about not being able to attract customers or earn a comfortable livelihood. The only way to vanquish those fears is by letting the market respond to the service or product being offered. If a business is viable and the marketing language is well-crafted, the product will likely succeed.

Whether you feel emotionally ready to make a leap is very often beside the point. Make the first move towards independence from traditional employment with our Instaread on The $100 Startup.

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