Have You Hit Your Optimal Speed?

Kenyans have dominated the world running scene for decades. Fascinated by their superiority, journalist and cross-country runner Adharanand Finn moved his family from their home in England to Kenya for six months so he could train with the best.

One of the techniques that Finn learned was barefoot running. Our bodies are made to run barefoot, which is why barefoot runners sustain fewer injuries. The key to this technique is to land forefoot first, not heel first. 

But that was just the beginning. In Africa, Finn noticed subtle cultural differences in how Kenyans train. They didn’t keep close track of how many laps they ran during practice, or their speed. This approach was strangely freeing, and helped Finn run better, faster, and more comfortably.

Learn more about Finn’s journey in the world of super runners with our Instaread on Running with the Kenyans

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