Being Tough Doesn’t Make Things Easier

Adam Brown, one of the most famed Navy SEALs, was born tough. A breech birth necessitated dislocating his shoulder in order to take him out of the womb. The newborn didn’t shed a single tear, but we can imagine how much it hurt.

Adam’s tough spirit served him well as a young adult, when he was jailed and rehabilitated for drug addiction. He tapped into his spiritual reserves and found renewed purpose and determination. As unlikely as it may sound, it was a natural leap for Adam to train and join the Navy SEALs. 

Despite a hard path filled with terrible injuries, relapses, and life-threatening dangers, Adam became one of the best men his superiors had ever known. He died in Afghanistan in 2010, after volunteering to attack a Taliban shooter when a mission went bad.

Learn more about Adam’s inspiring resilience in our Instaread on Fearless

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