Is Intermittent Fasting For You?

You’ve heard the most common weight-loss advice: eat less and move more. It might sound simple, but special diets and exercise equipment can be expensive, difficult, and unpleasant to maintain. And if you don’t maintain the regimen—well, you know what happens. The weight piles back on.

An increasingly popular alternative is intermittent fasting, which can control your weight and improve your health. Fasting is cheap and doesn’t require any front-end investment. It’s flexible, so you can customize your plan as needed. And once you get used to fasting, it’s really, really easy.

If you think fasting sounds extreme, consider that it’s a method that easily scales up or down. You don’t have to start with long or frequent fasts. First try replacing snacks with water, then work your way up from there. For more tips on how to integrate intermittent fasting into your life, check out our Instaread on Life in the Fasting Lane.

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