Fat for Fuel

Burn the Right Fuel

Eat more fat. Boom: that’s the central message of alternative health guru Dr. Joseph Mercola’s treatise against carbohydrates, FAT FOR FUEL. How can the right foods help you ward off disease and optimize your body’s performance? Here are two top insights from our latest release.

Key Insight 1: Good health usually depends more on lifestyle choices than genetic heritage.Doctors once believed that most disease was inherited. In this false paradigm, genetic disease was an inevitable matter of fate. Increasingly, researchers are realizing that lifestyle choices matter more than genetic heritage. The food choices that people make from day to day, for instance, have a huge impact on the health of mitochondria, a cellular structure integral to the metabolic process.

Key Insight 2: Carbohydrates are not a good source of energy for the body.Carbohydrates convert to sugar in the bloodstream, which destabilizes insulin levels and leads the body to store extra fat. When you eat carbs, your body runs on the sugar that carbs produce. This is not an ideal source of fuel because it damages the body’s mitochondria, a form of dysfunction that is the root of most disease.

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