How to Live Honestly

For Laura McKowen, it was alcoholism. She battled her problem for decades before she won the war.

People numb their feelings and escape from themselves in many other ways, whether it’s a vice, an addiction, or some other demon. McKowen thinks that we need to have more open, honest discussions, even though people tend to run from the truth.

When she was an alcoholic, McKowen lived between two worlds: an internal world of anxiety, secrecy, and exhaustion, and an external world where she was a happy mother who hosted dinner parties.

Your choice is between a life full of secrets, denial, and hiding, or a life where you live your truth and have nothing to hide. The pain of honest living can be difficult to face, but over the long term it will be more rewarding.

For more thoughts on battling your demons, whatever they may be, check out our Instaread on We Are the Luckiest.

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