Can Lifestyle Choices Suppress Cancer?

When Jane McLelland was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, she was told she had only weeks to live.

At the time, she was only 35 years old. Her scientific background made her treat cancer like a research problem. Quickly, she learned that cancer cells behave like parasites, stealing and weaponizing the body’s own nutrients against it. Jane felt that, if she wanted to defeat cancer, she had to find a way to starve the cancer cells.

Scared but determined, Jane became her own lab rat. By following an anti-cancer diet and taking a combination of rarely used drugs and supplements, Jane was able to beat her supposedly terminal cancer. 

Changing her metabolism worked for her, but researchers rarely suggest diet-based treatments to patients. Why? Find out more about Jane’s regimen and recommendations in our Instaread on How to Starve Cancer

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