Don’t Do All the Work

Entrepreneurs are famous for working too hard. They stay up late, work through holidays and weekends, neglect their families, and cancel plans with friends. In many circles, these terrible habits are regarded as part and parcel of getting a successful business off the ground.

But what if things could be different? Instead of sacrificing your mental and physical health, you should focus on streamlining certain aspects of your business.

Start by thinking about the parts of the job that you love most. How can you spend more time doing that stuff, and less time exhausting yourself? Then look for ways that you can delegate or streamline the tasks that you don’t enjoy as much, or that take too much mental energy.

You can stay involved and engaged. But your business should be able to function when you go on vacation, or take parental leave, or just need a break.

When you build a business that can function without you, you’ll have more time to think, improve, and innovate. Get started with our Instaread on Clockwork.

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