Why You Should Consider Sobriety

We do all sorts of things to better our health. We avoid gluten and do yoga. We eat healthfully and do cardio. And then we have a beer during happy hour or wine with dinner, erasing many of those healthy gains.

Alcohol has been normalized to the point that we don’t realize how bad for us it is. The amount that you drink doesn’t really matter; even one glass can send your body into a period of struggle and recovery as it clears your system of the toxin. Your liver will be sidelined from its basic functions as it takes on this additional work.

When it comes to alcohol use, people often ask themselves the wrong questions. The issue is not whether your drinking habits are bad enough to make you an alcoholic. Rather, the question is whether drinking adds to your life in any way.

The next time you find yourself wanting a drink in the evening, try taking a bath, journaling, or meditating instead. These activities will do much more for your health and happiness. For more practical advice on abstaining from alcohol, check out our Instaread on Quit Like a Woman.

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