What has Shaped You?

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s father used to tell her this piece of advice. 

But she didn’t really understand what he meant until she got older. In college, she realized that Christian conservatism formed the basis of her worldview, which had been instilled in her by loving parents. When she left her hometown, she started encountering others—and it was up to her to determine how to handle them.

McEnany’s worldview continued to be shaped by her education. She studied for a year at Oxford University, in England, where her tutors taught her to challenge her convictions. They also taught her how to predict counterarguments, which came in handy later at press briefings.

With deep reflection and juicy anecdotes from her time at the White House, McEnany’s memoir offers a little of everything. Check out Such a Time as This in text or on audio in the Instaread app.

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