Don’t Overlook This Easy Upgrade

Look around. Is this environment supporting your best life?

Switching up your surroundings can boost your mood, productivity levels, and general sense of well-being.

But we often take our spaces for granted, when we should cultivate them consciously. Research shows that our environments at home and work influence our quality of sleep, the way we behave, and even our mental health status. Clutter might be making you snack too much, procrastinate more often, feel overly anxious—or worse.

Small improvements will go a long way. Try a contained project like organizing your desk, repainting your bedroom, or buying a plant. (The human brain craves order and calm.) Also give some thought to the people you spend the most time with. Strong relationships with supportive people will set you up for success.

We’ve packed our latest Instaread with other simple tricks that will change your life. Get started today with The Mighty Book of Motivation Magic

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