The Third Big Bang

When the Biological Big Bang kicked off hundreds of millions of years ago, complex organisms seriously leveled up. Scientists are still trying to figure out why life on Earth changed so much during the Cambrian Period, shifting from single-cell organisms to the much more complicated plant and animal life we know today.

Michael Dell, the founder of the computer company, sees stunning similarities between the Biological Big Bang and the technology-driven data growth that started in the 1950s. 

Steam power and water fueled production during the first industrial revolution. Electric power was behind the second. Electronics and information technology automated the third. The fourth industrial revolution – the one we’re currently witnessing – has a surge of new technologies that are reducing the limits between the physical, biological, and digital worlds. 

What comes next, and how will it change life as we know it? Learn more about our changing world and lots more context about Dell’s career and achievements in our Instaread on his memoir, Play Nice But Win.

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