Learn Anything in 5 Easy Steps

Everyone has what it takes to push past their limitations and learn something new. You just need to have a plan. These five steps have been designed to help you teach yourself any about any topic.

Step 1: Learn more. Choose five books on your chosen subject. Start with a book that’s approachable and popular, then gradually work your way up to more technical titles. Make a list of questions as you read.

Step 2: Revisit your question list. Look for answers. Talk to experts whenever you can.

Step 3: Explore the gaps. Most experts tend to specialize. They end up with a wealth of knowledge about their chosen subject, but not much knowledge about what’s going on outside that niche. It’s up to you to fill the holes.

Step 4: Seek out contradictory opinions. Look for experts who disagree with the ones you’ve already read or spoken with. They will take your learning to the next level.

Step 5: Find the narrative. It’s time to link together everything you learned. Pouring all that info into a coherent story will help you cement your knowledge.

With the right mindset, motivation, and work ethic, you can do anything. Look for more tips on how to overachieve with our Instaread on The Art of Impossible.

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