Weekend Wisdom – Money Making Mom

Balancing work and family is never easy, even for moms who pause their careers to care for their kids.

In MONEY MAKING MOM, Crystal Paine advises stay-at-home mothers to keep their eyes peeled for opportunities to keep their skills and training fresh.Many positions translate readily into freelance jobs. A former teacher might tutor a handful of students, for example. Or a former accountant can take on clients during tax season. The benefits of working in this way are threefold: extra income for the family, a chance to have an identity outside the confines of home, and ongoing professional development that will make it easier to return to the workforce later.

Make sure that when you’re ready to go back to work, your skills are ready, too. For more ideas on how to generate income as a stay-at-home parent, consult our Instaread on MONEY MAKING MOM.

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