Expand Your Environmental Consciousness

When you pour love into the earth, you’ll get love in return.

That’s the powerful perspective of Robin Wall Kimmerer, who marries the scientific knowledge of botany with her indigenous background to tackle sustainability and conservation.

Kimmerer says we need to cultivate a healthy relationship with Mother Nature, just like any mother and child. We should always be thinking about how we can give back to the earth that has given us so much.

One place to try reconnecting with nature is gardens, which can be spiritual places. Gardens require us to work in partnership with nature, which helps us feel more connected and in harmony with our surroundings.

The natural world is filled with symbiotic relationships, and organisms who thrive and live off one another. The next time you spend time in a garden, or a forest, or any green space, remember that the plants around you are living, breathing things.

For more ideas on how to reconnect with nature, check out our Instaread on Braiding Sweetgrass.

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