Do you Have A Spirit Guide?

One of the most difficult things about losing someone you love is the terrible feeling of disconnection that comes with accepting the loss. But author and self-proclaimed psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson offers a hopeful opinion: our loved ones are always trying to connect with us by sending signs.

Think of these signs as messages from the universe. By learning to recognize these signals, Jackson says, you can feel more connected to people who have passed away and even seek spiritual guidance in your worldly affairs.

What does a sign look like? Often, signs happen in contexts that are unusual, ensuring that they stand out. Signs also tend to occur during specific times, such as when you’re thinking about a loved one or when you need guidance about a question you have.

Love travels across all distances and through time. No matter what, you’ll always be connected to your loved ones. Make sure you see the Signs with our latest release.

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