How to Be a Real Man

Growing up fatherless, actor and life coach Dondré T. Whitfield had a vague understanding of manhood. His journey to find the true meaning of masculinity led to a life-changing discovery: not all males evolve into real men.

Being a real man means that you are constantly aiming to be of better service to yourself, your family, and everyone around you. Mere males, in sharp contrast, are stuck in a state of immaturity, focused on materialistic needs and selfish desires.

The good news is that transformation is always possible. Males can become men by shouldering more responsibility. Real men solve problems as they arise, even when they’re not the ones who caused them.

Our Instaread on Whitfield’s book Male vs. Man will help guys learn how to better navigate manhood and women learn more about the men in their lives. It’s available now in the Instaread app.

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