Give Yourself an Upgrade

It’s easy to blame other people or curse our bad luck when we experience misfortune. No matter how good it feels, playing the blame game isn’t going to help us find success.

Wallowing in bad feelings and self-pity is a waste of time. Instead, try positive action: accept responsibility, and choose to make a change.

One way to take more responsibility in our lives is to focus on cultivating learned skills over inborn talents. Talent is great to have, but it can’t be upgraded. Skills can. And if you work on improving them over the years, you’ll find it easier to stay at the top of your field.

Try investing two hours a day learning a new skill or upgrading an old one. It may make the difference between a good and great performance. To learn more about how self-discipline can give you an edge, check out our Instaread on No Excuses!

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