Bill Gates Needs Your Help

By 2050, the effects of climate change could be as deadly as COVID-19 has been.

We dump 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases a year into the atmosphere. If we want to avoid a climate disaster, we need to get that number down to zero. Fast.

Here’s the problem: greenhouse gases are involved in the production and use of nearly everything we consume. And for now, the alternatives are more expensive and more difficult to procure.

To get down to zero emissions, Bill Gates is personally investing part of his fortune into green technologies. The average household will need to invest to a lesser degree, paying a little more each month for more alternative energy sources.

The fight for climate control is going to be long and gruesome, but we have a good chance of winning. If the world comes together and our governments take real, immediate action, disaster can be averted. Learn more about the problem and Gates’s proposed solutions in our Instaread on How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.

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