Does God Have Your Back?

It’s hard to imagine that a loving God would let people suffer. According to Christian author Lysa TerKeurst, if you ever find yourself in a difficult, heart-wrenching situation, you have only one job: to surrender to God’s plan.

God always knows what he’s doing, even when we can’t perceive the plan.

Each of us has a vision of how life should be. It’s very easy to trust in God’s plan when life looks exactly as we hoped it would. It’s much more difficult to accept hardship, but life’s difficulties always have a purpose. They’re the way in which God prepares you for better things.

Trusting in God helps curb anxiety, fear, and angst, which can help you deal with problems better. It will also kindle hope, because you’ll know that whatever you’re going through is simply part of God’s process.

When you surrender to God, you’re not giving in—you’re letting go of whatever weight is too much for you. For more advice on how to deal with life’s challenges, check out our Instaread on It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way.

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