5 steps to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s

Better lifestyle choices have been found to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s by more than 80 percent, postpone the onset of symptoms, and lessen the severity of changes in the brain. In High-Octane Brain, neuropsychologist Michelle Braun distills cutting-edge research into just five simple steps.

Brain-Healthy Habits

The High-Octane Brain program suggests five steps over a seven-week period.

Step 1: Exercise: Aim for 22 minutes a day, but remember: something is always better than nothing.

Step 2: Eat Healthy Food: The most brain-healthy foods are olive oil, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, beans, berries, poultry, and seafood.

Step 3: Stay Engaged and Learn: Read, play games, and learn a language or an instrument.

Step 4: Lower Stress Levels: Exercise, mindfulness, and therapy are three things to try. 

Step 5: Improve the Quality of Your Sleep: Create a bedtime ritual, go to bed early, and minimize blue light exposure.

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