How Cicely Tyson Helped Shape History

Hollywood icon Cicely Tyson was like a Christmas tree, her manager said. The world could only see the ornaments.

Before she died in January at the age of 96, Tyson wrote her autobiography to share more about her roots, including the parts of her life the public couldn’t see.

One of the curious details she shares is that she was a little bit psychic. When Tyson was just six months old, a stranger told her mother that she had a sixth sense. As Tyson grew older, the sense became more powerful, and she found that she could predict deaths and other disasters.

But there was also a benefit: Tyson’s skin tingled when she read a script for a project she knew would be important to her career. This talent helped her select the breakout roles that made her famous for transcending American stereotypes of Black women.

Learn more about the real person behind the iconic star with Just As I Am, our Instaread on Tyson’s autobiography.

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