Extreme Sports with Wim Hof

Have you heard of the Iceman? Wim Hof is a Dutch athlete who has set records for enduring freezing temperatures, swimming under ice, and running barefoot on ice and snow.

Hof has been enduring extreme conditions since birth, living dangerously from his very first moments. Hof was a twin, but doctors didn’t know that his mother was carrying two children. During childbirth, they only delivered Hof’s brother—leaving Hof in his mother’s womb.

By the time the doctors found Hof, he was purple, breathless, and cold.

Later, when Hof was seven years old, he fell asleep while he was playing in the snow. When he was found, a long time had passed, and he had a hard time waking up. The same thing happened again when he was eleven.

As an adult, Hof learned to endure punishing cold and pain. Learn more about his techniques and his fascinating life in our Instaread on The Wim Hof Method.

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