How to Renew Your Focus

Are you finding that it’s more difficult than ever to clear your mind? You might want to try thinking like a monk.

Monks try to live free of ego and strong emotions like envy, lust, anxiety, anger, and bitterness. An important step in reaching that goal is to let go of external influences and fears that hold you back from personal growth.

Monks don’t like distractions. Above all, they treasure their personal values. They spend a lot of time reflecting on whether their choices are in line with those values, which helps make sure they are who they want to be.

The people you talk to, what you watch, what you do with your time: all of these sources shape your beliefs. If you’re just going from one day to the next changing your views based on other perspectives, you’ll be swayed by what everyone else wants you to think. But if you can ignore other what other people think about you, you’ll have the ability to reshape your life and make confident and purposeful choices.

Ready to adopt the monkish mindset? Get started with our Instaread on Think Like a Monk.

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