How to Own the Day

The way this morning unfolds will set the mood for the rest of your day.

Getting a good start is incredibly important. You can set your intention for the workday in just 20 minutes. Three small steps will move things in the right direction: hydrate, do a little light exercise, and try to see the sun (if only for a brief walk). This morning routine will give you a sense of momentum that will propel you through everything else that’s on your schedule.

Good habits, and bad habits for that matter, tend to reinforce one another. Drinking water and going around the block each morning doesn’t require a radical lifestyle change. But it can definitely change your life.

By the way, the way you end the day matters, too. This afternoon, when you’re ready to stop working, try implementing a short ritual that signals your work is done. This might just be a matter of closing your laptop. If that doesn’t feel formal enough, try something different tomorrow.

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