Take the Big Leap

It may seem like circumstances are holding you back right now. But psychologist Gay Hendricks thinks that most of us are self-sabotaging in ways we don’t even realize.

One of the most common barriers to success, according to Hendricks, is something called the Upper Limit Problem (ULP). It’s a self-imposed, subconscious limit for how much happiness and positivity you can feel. Based on false and powerful beliefs and fears that are often rooted in childhood experiences, your Upper Limit is like an inner thermostat. It has a specific setting, but the setting can be adjusted.

What happens when your ULP setting is too low? You might feel proficient, but not fulfilled, in your job. You might worry, get into petty arguments, or deflect. Over time, these feelings and habits become destructive to your happiness and success. But by dissolving the false fears and beliefs on which the ULP is based, you can learn to live up to your highest potential.

Is it time to make The Big Leap? Our Instaread on Hendricks’s book will walk you through the steps.

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