Time to Get Creative

Do you need another hobby? With so many of us around the world stuck at home more than usual, more people are looking for new ways to tap into their artistic side. Creative projects like cooking, painting, or even learning to code can be a lot of fun—and often complement your professional skills in surprising ways.

The key to any creative endeavor is giving yourself permission to fail. Too often people become mired in self-doubt and perfectionism when creativity is better served by a willingness to experiment. Creativity is very rarely a flash of mystical insight. Often, becoming an artist is a process of building on your past mistakes until you’ve mastered a new skill.

Most of us have an unfair inner critic, and tend to be hard on ourselves. Artistic projects require a safe space in which to be creative without expecting perfection on the first try. Most artists grow and develop through incremental daily progress. You should expect and embrace imperfections along the way.

Giving yourself the gift to fail freely will open up your brain to new possibilities. Start down the path of creative bliss with our Instaread on The Artist’s Way.

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