Make the Leap

It’s better to jump than to be pushed.

At some point in life, everyone experiences a nagging feeling that something in their life needs to change. Maybe it’s a job. Maybe it’s a relationship. Steve Harvey, the comedian and television personality, says that if you aren’t proactive in making that change, the universe is likely to impose one.

Harvey says that to realize your dreams, you can’t simply wait around for something to happen. You need to make a leap of faith, triggering a change with your own actions.

Making a jump might seem frightening or even impossible when you feel stuck in an unhappy situation. It may seem easier to simply stay in an unsatisfying job or relationship. The frightening prospect of losing your family or going broke looms large. But Harvey says that when you’re willing to take a chance on your own happiness, the universe will provide.

You may have to jump more than once. Successful people often make leaps of faith at different points in their lives, understanding that the exhilaration of the jump is part of what it means to feel fully alive.

For more of Harvey’s tips on how to live well, check out our Instaread on Jump.

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