Are You a Team Player?

Coach Bill Campbell was one of the most valuable players in the history of Silicon Valley, working behind the scenes to create trillions of dollars of value for companies like Apple and Google. But he was content to stay out of the spotlight after retiring as a football coach for the Columbia Lions. Campbell’s selflessness and humility are two of the traits that his colleagues remember best.

One of Campbell’s most treasured principles was that the welfare of the team should always outweigh individual concerns. His approach stood out on the field and in the business world, where people fight one another for self-preservation and high regard. In business, as in sports, team members need to put loyalty to their peers over personal pride and ambition. With a strong work ethic, team players will take as much satisfaction in the team’s success as they do in their own accomplishments.

The business world can be competitive. But the most successful companies have employees who care more about their work as a team than their performance as individuals. A strong work ethic, combined with impeccable skills, will ensure success most of the time—and swift resolution when problems arise.

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