Weekend Wisdom – Take the Next Step

Finishing a project, or even making progress on one, can sometimes stymie the ability to work from home, especially for someone who is still learning how to manage time independently of office culture.

However, as David Allen points out in his 2001 work, GETTING THINGS DONE, there’s usually one of four tasks that can be completed to get projects closer to their intended outcome.

If a project is in its initial stages and few concrete plans for its execution have been generated, a simple brainstorming session may lead to more concrete action. Gathering data or organizing existing research can also spark ideas and move a project along. And setting up meetings with colleagues and outside professionals who have expertise related to the project are easy ways to move a project forward.

These four tasks can usually jumpstart progress, even for projects that have been stalled for a significant amount of time. Thankfully, the strategies Allen outlines for moving projects forward are also easy to implement with social distancing; brainstorming can be done alone or through teleworking, and employees can easily be assigned to research subjects remotely using online resources. With practice, these time management skills can improve anyone’s productivity, even in the midst of a pandemic.

For more ideas on how to crush your task list, visit our Instaread on GETTING THINGS DONE.

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