Weekend Wisdom – Always Say it Twice

Most leaders know how important it is to convey the messages and principles of the organization to everyone in the company, from interns to the executive team. But they might not realize how many times they need to communicate a given message before it is truly absorbed by the workforce.

In THE ADVANTAGE, longtime business consultant Patrick Lencioni offers a piece of advice that’s at the heart of effective communication. When you have something important to say, don’t just communicate. Overcommunicate.

Never just convey an important message once. Say the message twice, or perhaps three times. Perhaps more. Reinforce the message across multiple communication channels whenever possible: in a speech, in meetings, in regular reports, or in a company-wide memo. Repetition helps reinforce and drive home whatever point you wish to make.

Overcommunication is a vital strategy in a busy workplace. Some employees might miss the message the first few times it’s conveyed. Other team members might feel skeptical about the message until it has been conveyed consistently over time. Whatever the case may be, repeating vital information helps make sure that the message is truly delivered—heard, believed, and followed throughout the organization.

For other tips on how to enhance your company’s competitive advantage, visit our Instaread on THE ADVANTAGE.

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