The Power of a Positive Team

Weekend Wisdom – Build a Better Task List

Nothing beats the alchemy of a well-built team, which helps effective individuals showcase their talents and shore up weaknesses with support from colleagues.

But after you put together a perfectly balanced group, there’s still the matter of actually getting the work done. With everyone bringing different working styles and approaches to project management to the table, what’s the best way to get everyone on the same page?

In THE POWER OF A POSITIVE TEAM, Jon Gordon offers a handy formula: Good teams have short-term task lists that reflect their long-term ambitions.

Big goals help team members focus their ambition and attention onto a shared objective. Practical task lists help them devise concrete actions that will move them closer to their goals, showing incremental progress so no one becomes frustrated. The two approaches complement one another, because chasing down a dream often comes down to keeping up with daily tasks.

Learn more about the art of teamwork with our Instaread on THE POWER OF A POSITIVE TEAM.

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