Women on Wall Street

Jamie Fiore Higgins was one of the few women in the highest ranks of Goldman Sachs before she resigned in 2016. In Bully Market, she exposes the toxic culture at Goldman Sachs, which was rife with misogyny and bullying in her nearly two decades with the financial giant. Racial and homophobic slurs were common, and her male colleagues mocked her for breastfeeding.

Culture Clash

When she started at the company in 1998, Higgins was surprised by how brazen her male colleagues were. One time, she overheard two of them ranking the attractiveness of female colleagues. She was also surprised to find that one of her colleagues was sleeping with clients and partners. Higgins realized that this was how business was done on Wall Street. And she would have to put up with a lot more than that before she finally left the company 18 years later.

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