3 Tips for Weathering a Downturn

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment. According to the World Bank, the global pandemic has triggered a recession that will be the deepest one the world has seen in decades. Many people, particularly those who have lost their jobs or fear they soon will, feel hopeless. But what they shouldn’t feel is helpless.

As individuals, there’s nothing we can do to stop an impending global recession. But there are steps we can take to prepare. We’ve rounded up three tips you can start using immediately that will make it easier to take advantage of professional opportunities when they come along.

1. Brush up on science, technology, math, engineering, and health skills. These skills will be essential in the coming decades for a number of fields, many of which haven’t yet been created.

2. Go above and beyond. Increasingly, workers who only meet the bare minimum in their jobs will discover that they are easily replaced. To stay relevant, workers must find a way to stand out.

3. Prioritize collaborating with others. Companies are looking for professionals who can work well with anyone. Workers who can acclimate to meeting the demands of local bosses while collaborating with teammates in different countries will find it easier to land employment during tough economic times.

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