Indulge Your Dark Side

There’s a fine line between self-improvement and being too hard on yourself. In living up to your potential, it’s all too easy to become locked in a cycle of questioning your own worth. Luckily, there’s an antidote: RADICAL ACCEPTANCE.

This weekend, take a page from psychologist Tara Brach’s book and silence your inner critic. Radical acceptance is the practice of confronting life as it is instead of obsessing about how it should be. You don’t have to throw away other self-help strategies to practice this approach; think of it as one tool in your collection. Some weekends are perfect for tackling a long to-do list and home improvement projects. Others are not. None of us can sustain peak productivity 365 days a year—and that’s perfectly fine.

For more tips on how to give yourself a break, check out our Instaread on RADICAL ACCEPTANCE.

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